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Alpha PCT (Post-Cycle Therapy)

Alpha PCT (Post-Cycle Therapy)


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Alpha Male Formulations’ has done it again. This time, AMF has created an All-In-One Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) for Pro-Hormone (PH) users to help maintain on-cycle gains and jump-start post-cycle test boosting for continuing results. Post Cycle Therapy is very important after a PH or test-booster cycle and Alpha PCT delivers results for many non-PH cycles.

D-Aspartic Acid or DAA is one of the hottest quasi-natural testosterone-boosting ingredients in the market today. This incredible ingredient, also found on our Adamantium and Formula X products, is part of Alpha PCT’s powerful and innovative blend. DAA and Alpha’s herbal extracts and that have been studied for their potential ability to raise natural testosterone levels, increase libido and energy, and help inhibit the aromatase enzyme from converting excess testosterone to estrogen.

After a test-boosting cycle, conversion of testosterone into estrogen can cause un-desired effects and Alpha PCT is your weapon to combat that. Indole-3-Carbinol (“I3C”), a key ingredient in our Titanium product has also been extensively studied to lower estrogen levels and estrogen conversion in males post-cycle.

While Health Elements recommends a more powerful estrogen-blocking product post pro-hormone cycle (or other extended test-boosting cycles), such as Formexx Black or others, Alpha PCT is a perfect for natural test-boosting cycles, including cycles of Adamantium or Formula X. Alpha PCT also work as a “cleansing agent”, which is very important in post-Pro Hormone cycles as well and may be used in conjunction with other estro-blockers.

Alpha Male Formulations Alpha PCT is a great ancillary supplement to your organs’ health and function while on-cycle, then aids the rapid recovery of your body’s natural hormone levels to homeostasis during PCT. This great product should be added to all Pro Hormone cycles and test boosters as well.

*Important information on any and all PH (Pro Hormone or Test booster) cycles: We advise you to always thoroughly research how a PH works, what to expect, all effects, and other relevant info on PH cycles, if you are considering a PH cycle of any kind. Make sure that you include Cycle Support supplements (such as Purus Organ Shield or better equivalent) during the cycle, possibly an estro blocker depending on the PH taken (such as Formexx Black or better equivalent), and that you use a potent Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) after finishing your cycle for contiunual gains and test level increases. These are extremely important steps on any PH cycle. You may also call or e-mail Health Elements to discuss PH cycles with our knowledgeable staff, but you should always research info for yourself, consult with physician, and follow all product labeling intrustions.

This product, when combined with a customized supplement support plan from Health Elements, can help you achieve feel the results you have always wanted! Call, e-mail, or visit our Castle Rock location (by appointment only) today and let our Nutrition and Fitness Consultants of Health Elements put you on a path to the results you have always wanted. You will feel the results!

Disclaimer: These statements have not been endorsed or approved by the FDA. These products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Carefully follow all labeling instructions of all products. Consult a doctor or physician before starting or stopping any diet plan, taking any supplement, starting or stopping any exercise, weight loss, or any other fitness program. Supplements must be used by responsible and healthy adults at least over the age of 18 and according to labeling and product specification. No supplement should be utilized by women who are pregnant or may become pregnant unless specifically ordered by a supervising physician. Use or purchase of any products or supplements sold by Health Elements is done so at user/purchaser’s responsibility and Health Elements shall be held harmless of misuse, abuse, or reaction to any product featured or sold. Athletes should be mindful of all ingredients before taking any supplement, as ‘false positives’ or obscure banned substances may disrupt athletic activity’s drug testing. Always consult a doctor and discuss any supplements you intend on taking or giving to someone else (kids, infants, adults, elderly, teens, and/or others). None of the information herein should be construed as medical, nutritional, or other professional advice. Statements herein may and often constitute opinions and personal experiences of actual Health Elements employees and/or customers and you should not expect same results, as individual’s tolerances and results vary. Please use all of our products responsibly, do not attempt to ‘overdose’ for faster results (which never works anyway and only creates unwanted health risks), and always use all products under the supervision and direction of a qualified physician.


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