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100% Egg protein, 2.0 lbs


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Protein is vital to muscle development, nice hair and skin, and overall great health! Athletes and those trying to be fit know the value and importance of protein. But what happens for those who do not like milk-based proteins? How about those of us who are lactose-intolerant?!

The answer is naturally lactose-free egg protein! While soy is great for vegetarians, it raises estrogen levels in men and women and that can lead to increase fatty tissue accumulation and weight gain. Egg protein is therefore, a better alternative for those who want to enjoy the nutritional power of eggs without the hassle of cooking eggs or worrying about cholesterol from natural eggs.

Optimum Nutrition utilized the power of egg proteins, removed all but 2% of the cholesterol from eggs per serving, and loaded it with amino acids and flavor! They are great for those lactose-intolerant protein-seekers! But they can be a hassle to separate the yolk from the whites, cook them, and eat them everyday! This is why ON’s 100% Egg Protein is perfect for you!

Rich in the all-important essential amino acid Leucine, ON’s 100% Egg protein provides 24g of Egg White Protein (the equivalent of 7 egg whites!), ½ a gram of fat, and loaded with other essential amino acids (including “Aminogen” for better absorption) – all with just 100 Calories per scoop!! If that was not enough, this amazing protein egg blend has only 2 grams of carbohydrates per serving!

ON's 100% Egg takes the value of eggs to another level by virtually eliminating the fat and cholesterol found in whole eggs without the hassle of separating and cooking eggs daily. And who could eat 7 egg whites to beat 1 scoop of this great-tasting protein?!?

Whether you are lactose-intolerant, want to enjoy a healthy egg protein, or just wish to maintain a great body while eliminating the hassle of separating and cooking eggs everyday, ON’s 100% Egg Protein is for you! Try this great protein blend and start enjoying it today!

*Important information on any and all PH (Pro Hormone or Test booster) cycles: We advise you to always thoroughly research how a PH works, what to expect, all effects, and other relevant info on PH cycles, if you are considering a PH cycle of any kind. Make sure that you include Cycle Support supplements (such as Purus Organ Shield or better equivalent) during the cycle, possibly an estro blocker depending on the PH taken (such as Formexx Black or better equivalent), and that you use a potent Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) after finishing your cycle for contiunual gains and test level increases. These are extremely important steps on any PH cycle. You may also call or e-mail Health Elements to discuss PH cycles with our knowledgeable staff, but you should always research info for yourself, consult with physician, and follow all product labeling intrustions.

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